Protech Design is a fully authorized retailer of ClearShield Victoria which has been a part of the ClearShield group since 2002. We believe in providing you with the best quality product to be found in the Security Industry, along with good, ethical service catering to our customer’s needs.

ClearShield doors and screens from Protech Design conform to current Australian Standards AS 5039/5041. Independent knife shear tests proved that sharp instruments simply could not penetrate the superior strength of this product. Refer to our test video for the incredible results.

The one-piece perforated sheet offers superior “see through” visibility, great for maintaining ocean views or hillside vistas. Not only are the ClearShield Security products aesthetically pleasing but they are easy to clean and when maintained correctly, they will stay looking like brand-new for years.


Retractable Flyscreens to suit doors and windows

Want to let the fresh air in but worried about bugs flying in? Worry not because Protech Design has effective solutions to your troubles! Welcome to Protech Design, your one stop destination for getting top quality flyscreen solutions that help in making your property more liveable and more enjoyable.

It’s great to open doors and windows in the warmer weather to allow fresh air into your home or workplace giving everyone a more comfortable environment. However, you don’t want to open your property to invasion by flying insects and mosquitos. Not only are they a nuisance, they also carry infectious diseases to which you can easily be exposed if these pests are in your rooms. Contact Protech Design to discuss which flyscreen would work best in your situation, whether you are building a new home or commercial premises. Retractable and pleated flyscreens are a cost effective and attractive way of dealing with flying insects problems creating a better environment for your staff, your customers and most importantly, your family. Retractable flyscreens are well suited for French doors and windows that open outwardly and give you the versatility to open the screen and open the window then close the screen maintaining your protection from flying insects.

Retractable flyscreens also have the versatility to be used externally on verandahs, balconies and alfresco areas to protect you from flying insects during Australia’s harsh summers where flies and flying insects are at the most active and annoying.

7 year warranty on stainless steel and 1 year on all components and labour.

Protech Design Security Doors